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7 Lessons from Managing Company’s LinkedIn Page

Having assisted leaders such as a start-up CEO, electric mobility CEOs, and a travel technology leader in optimizing their profiles and crafting effective content strategies, I’ve seen firsthand the power of a well-managed LinkedIn presence. These efforts resulted in significant increases in connection with followership and engagement, rising 20% month on month.

  1. Dig deep to understand your own unique proposition. Your company isn’t just another face in the crowd; there’s something unique that sets you apart. Whether it’s your innovative approach, your commitment to sustainability, or your exceptional customer service, find that hook that makes your audience sit up and take notice.
  2. Context matters more than content alone. Every piece of content you share should fit into a larger story. How does it contribute to your company’s mission? Does it highlight your impact on the industry or community? Contextualizing your content gives it meaning and relevance.
  3. Highlight the ‘why’ behind your actions. It’s not enough to showcase what your company does. Share why you do it. What drives your team’s passion? How does it align with your values and those of your employees and customers?
  4. Relevance doesn’t expire. Even if an event or milestone has passed, its impact can still be relevant. Reflect on past achievements in a way that shows ongoing relevance and future potential.
  5. Showcase the human side. People connect with people, not just logos. Highlight your team’s contributions, stories, and expertise. This human touch makes your company relatable and builds authentic connections.
  6. Involve your team in your LinkedIn journey. Posting shouldn’t be a solo act. Involve your team to share perspectives, insights, and achievements. This inclusivity prevents your LinkedIn presence from coming across as mere vanity.
  7. Industry Insight: According to LinkedIn’s research, companies that post at least once per month have been shown to gain followers six times faster than those who don’t. Consistency and relevance in content are key drivers of engagement and visibility on the platform.

As you manage your company’s LinkedIn page, consider how each post contributes not just to your brand’s visibility, but to its deeper narrative and impact. How can you align your LinkedIn presence more closely with your values and community?

Interested in optimizing your company’s LinkedIn presence? Contact me for a complimentary conversation on crafting a strategy that resonates with your audience and drives meaningful engagement.

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