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Spotlight On Thought Leadership | Edition #34 | Ross Monaghan | CEO turned Communication Academic, Trainer & Advisor | IABC APAC Board Member

How relevant is thought leadership for internal communications? How can leaders get adept at thought leadership? How can internal communicators influence the way leaders think about thought leadership? Learn about this topic with edition #34 of Intraskope’s Spotlight Series. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ross Monaghan, an academic at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, […]

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Spotlight On Organizational Productivity | Edition #30 | Jenni Field | Business Communications Strategist, Author, Podcaster & International Speaker  

Why do we ignore communication’s role in improving organizational productivity?  What are the symptoms that we need to be aware of and address with inefficient communication? How can we measure the outcomes of communication?  I had a wonderful conversation with Jenni Field, who addressed these and other relevant themes related to driving change, reducing complexity and […]

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Spotlight on Internal Communication Hiring | Edition #28 | Christopher Flores  | Transformation and Communication Consultant  

Taking a strategic approach to hiring for internal communications can reduce angst and concerns down the line. Hiring for the function is a crucial aspect of a communication leader and those who invest right can benefit in the long run. Ensuring there is role clarity, reducing bias and testing talent can improve the odds.  In […]