Internal Communication

Featured Guest Blog | Sudipa Chakraborty | Why Culture Matters For Cross-Cultural Communication

The 27th edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series features Sudipa Chakraborty of Apeland (Oslo, Norway). In this edition she builds a case for diversity and collaboration while passionately advocating for culture as an enabler of cross-cultural communication. Sudipa Chakraborty is a Communications Adviser at Apeland, a leading PR & Communications agency in Oslo, Norway. […]

Internal Communication

5 internal communication myths debunked

It is well established that internal communication is critical for organizational success. Top performing organizations invest in effective employee communications – directly improving financial performance. While most top leaders believe in the value of communication for corporate success and driving value for the business, there are gaps that exist in how communicators and stakeholders view […]

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Featured Case Study & Guest Interview | Kaushi Biddappa | Making Safety Key To Community Engagement With Internal Communications

The 26th edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series features Kaushi Biddappa of General Motors Technical Centre, Bengaluru (India).  She shares a creative campaign to make road safety a core part of employees’ lives at work and beyond. Also, her views on the evolving internal communication domain. Kaushi Biddappa leads Communications and PR for General […]