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How Do We Select a Suitable Charity Partner?

Bipin is at his wit’s end. As the CSR leader for Eurorol, he is responsible for managing the social responsibility corpus basis the government directive on doing social good. However, he is a conundrum. Despite having clarity about the areas which his organization can focus their attention on the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) he invites to […]

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What is the State of the Internal Communication Function? Download a free ebook copy to know more!

Humbled to be part of a collective global initiative led by IC Kollectif that reviews the progress of the internal communication function, the challenges practitioners face and opportunities which can reshape its future. Disrupting the Function of IC – A Global Perspective consists of 8 chapters and features 30 practitioners, scholars and consultants from around […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Team Needs A Quality Communication Dashboard

When a pilot navigates an airplane the dashboard provides crucial and timely information to help make important decisions. Considering a lot is at stake for the airline and staff, knowing the health of the engines and how the aircraft is faring vis-à-vis its external environment is comforting for the pilot and provides insights on the […]

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Are You Networking Right? Try The Offer-Contribution-Nurture Model To Be Sure

Heard these before? ·       “Networking isn’t for me. It is for social butterflies.” ·       “I have a large social network, why do I need networking?” ·       “I am an introvert. Not sure how pressing hands and sharing business cards will improve my standing” ·       “Isn’t doing my work good enough. Why must I network?” ·       “My network is well oiled. […]