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Fixing ‘Un’Culture – How Organizations Can Own ‘The Ways Things Get Done Around Here’

Culture is defined as ‘the way things happen around here’ and while there is positive intent to ensure people focus on what’s right, when poor behavior is ignored or worse, recognized, culture becomes what I can ‘un’culture. An environment where managers and leaders let things slide, ignore warning signs that the culture is eroding and […]

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Book Review | The Squiggly Career

The Squiggly Career by Helen Tupper & Sarah Ellis was published in 2020 around the time the pandemic started and the world began thinking of operating in different ways! The authors argue that careers and jobs can’t be understood in the same way we did decades ago and there isn’t any point lamenting the issues […]

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6 Strategies to Boost Your Organization’s Security and Risk Communications

Communicating security awareness and risk oversight can be a daunting challenge for organizations. Imagine your own staff becoming the Trojan Horse, inadvertently facilitating attacks on your precious systems. So, how do you build trust, keep risk mitigation top of mind, and cut through the noise of competing priorities? In my experience working with some of […]

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Included in Internal Communication Thought Leadership Circle

Honored to be included in the Thought Leadership Circle, an initiative of the Internal Communication Research Hub at the University of Florida, United States. Looking forward to engaging with an esteemed group of academicians and industry practitioners to bridge the gaps between theory and practice as well advance the domain’s influence in workplaces. Also pleased […]

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Inclusive Internal Communications Series | Interview with Tobias Simonsen from COOP, Denmark

Good day, readers! Today, I have the pleasure of sharing an interview with Tobias Simonsen, a key figure in COOP Denmark’s inclusive internal communications practices. Tobias serves as the Youth Minister, a role dedicated to prioritizing inclusion and engagement among the organization’s 25,000 young employees aged 15 to 25 across nearly 1,000 locations. Let’s delve […]

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Subscribe to Intraskope’s Podcast Series Now | Internal Communications and Personal Branding

Based on feedback from my 6000+ Linkedin newsletter subscribers and blog followers to include podcasts on internal communications and personal branding, I am pleased to introduce Intraskope Podcasts featuring two shows (for now): Enjoy the shows on: Spotify: Amazon Music: Google Podcasts: Apple Podcasts Connect: Have suggestions and ideas on topics […]

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Spotlight On Gamification | Edition #35 | Bhanu Prakash | Business Storyteller, Communications Leader, Employee Engagement & Executive Comms Professional

Can gamification be transformational for internal communications? What will make it effective in the workplace? How can overcome barriers to gamification? Gain insights on this topic with edition #35 of Intraskope’s Spotlight Series. I had the pleasure of interviewing Bhanu Prakash, a seasoned communication leader who has led key initiatives, developed and executed strategies, and […]