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Guest Blog & Interview | Sushma Joshi | How Internal Communicators Can Shift the Dial from Order Takers to Strategic Partners

Can internal communication get the respect it deserves? Is it possible for communicators to take a strategic view of the impact they do? How can the function rise above the continual asks for support to create a distinctive identity for the business? These and other pertinent questions are covered in a thought-provoking blog post by […]

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6 Steps To Create An Effective Employee Advocacy Program

To build your organization’s employee brand ambassadorship program ground-up you need to craft suitable objectives and a concrete plan. Your employees are the voices of the unified approach which articulates your brand story and why others must care. Therefore, defining the goals, articulating the opportunity, getting together the right team and managing expectations are all […]

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Interview & Case Study | Morten Dal | Creating A Digital Workplace Through Inclusive Internal Communication

How can internal communication create a culture of transparency, pride and passion with a collaborative platform? What aspects go into connecting a global workforce across 84 countries? What challenges and opportunities do internal communicators face while implementing a large scale transformation programme? Gain answers to these and more questions as you read Morten Dal’s experiences […]

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Article in | Make Your Employees Feel Like the Founder

Recently, I had the opportunity to author an article for This article talks of the opportunities organizations have to engage employees as intrapreneurs. Read the complete article here: If you were to ask any organization about its idea of the perfect employee, a few of the following characteristics would be sure to feature […]

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Guest Blog and Research Insight | Christine Crofts | How Internal Communicators Can Lead The ‘Purpose Opportunity’

Can internal communicators help amplify the organization’s purpose?  What are the opportunities to bring the purpose back into the collective consciousness of the organization? Discover answers to these questions and more in the 16th edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series featuring Christine (Chris) Crofts of Diageo. In her guest blog, Chris shares an inspiring […]