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#ICResources | Internal Communication Courses

Looking for recognized internal communication courses to sign-up for? Unsure where to go? Look up this curated list of #ICCourses that cover everything from the fundamentals of internal communications to the more advanced topics of engagement and measurement.

Are there other key internal communication courses that I missed? Please do share them here and I will update the list for the benefit of the community.

Chartered Institute of Public Relations | Internal CommunicationsRole of internal communication and how it makes a positive contribution to the performance of any organisationNew to field and mid-marketUK https://cipr.co.uk/Internalcommunications
StaffBaseCovers strategy, communication, engagement, and optimizationBeginner to intermediateUS
Intraskope | Internal Communication FundamentalsUnderstanding internal communications, key principles and how it worksBeginnerIndia, Australia
Institute of Internal Communication | Introduction to Internal CommunicationUnderstand the what and the why and how internal communication adds value to the businessBeginnerUK
Ragan | Internal Communication Certificate CourseFour part series to elevate messaging, propel career, and foster a winning corporate culture.Beginner to IntermediateUS
PR Academy | Internal Communication Diploma (online) 6 monthsCovers change communication, engagement, the strategic use of social media and measurement.BeginnerUK
PR Academy | Internal Communication CertificateCovers employee engagement, delivering effective communications, theories such as communication theory, persuasion and storytelling.BeginnerUK
All Things IC | How to review and plan internal communicationProducing proactive plans and thinking strategically about communicationBeginner UK

How to be an internal communicator

Candid Comms Podcast: https://www.allthingsic.com/podcast/
Marketing Institute of Singapore | Internal Communication StrategiesHow to turn employees into advocatesBeginnerSingapore
Solent University | Masters in Internal Communication Management (in partnership with IoIC)Covers organisational culture, psychology of communication, develop high impact strategies, and forge leading-edge approaches to advances in technology and to the breakdown in organisational boundaries.Intermediate to AdvancedUK
Toronto Metropolitan University | Internal Communication Management (online)Covers the management and planning of internal communications, the politics of organizations and needs of employees, together with practical applications of traditional and social media.BeginnerCanada
Mike Klein
Changing the Terms – Measurement
How to make measurement the most important toolBeginner to mid-careerIceland, EU
University of Florida – College of Journalism & Communication | Internal Communications and Employee EngagementCovers the role of managers to overcome issues, challenges, and opportunities facing internal stakeholders. It integrates theories, research insights, practices, as well as current issues and cases into a comprehensive guide for future internal communication managers and organizational leaders.BeginnerUS
Joanna Parsons
Learn how to use CHATGPT as a personal assistant
How to organize, implement and measure impact as an internal communicator using Chat GPTBeginner to mid-careerIreland
Ann-Marie and Howard Krais (in collaboration with Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence)

90-minute courses in listening, change, inclusion, networking and communication

Beginner to mid-career

Welcome to the Age of Listening: https://lnkd.in/eMip58ma

Introduction to Change Communication: https://lnkd.in/eMUQXfsP

How to Make Your Communication Inclusive and Accessible: https://lnkd.in/evHSRBPg

Communicating with Clarity: https://lnkd.in/e5QfeVvV

Creating Brilliant Champion Networks: https://lnkd.in/evxP4s9S

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