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Online Interview | Paul Downey (Microsoft UK)| Putting Employees at the Heart of Internal Communications

Presenting the 36th edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series featuring Paul Downey of Microsoft UK. Paul has over 15 years’ experience in both private and public sectors, across global markets, specializing in internal and change communications, employee and brand engagement, organizational design and content and event curation. He believes in taking a strategic, pragmatic approach […]

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6 Ideas to Evolve Your Leader’s Internal Communication Channel

Apart from navigating leadership styles, internal communicators also need to periodically review and curate channels that leaders use. Leaders’ channel preferences (email, face-to-face, social or video) often vary by their personality types. As a leader’s communication matures over time and audiences express different expectations of what they prefer receiving, there are opportunities for the internal […]

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Five communication dilemmas that Global Capability Centers must overcome

This blog post first appeared on my Linkedin page: Considering the significant and strategic investments that organizations make to set up global capability centers, it is often surprising that there is limited effort to back them with sound and timely communication interventions. This uncertainty in decision-making results in organizations staying in limbo and adversely impacting […]

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Look Within to Build Your Organization’s Employee Value Proposition

A couple of weeks ago I invited readers to reflect on a case study involving a person leading employer branding at her organization and the dilemma she faced. Every organization has a reason to exist. Organizations who have discovered this reason and articulated it to current and prospective employees can hope to find success. Often, the task […]

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How do I arrive at my organization’s Employee Value Proposition?

Nora leads employer branding at Pintop Ltd, a 10-year old established mobile phone maker with offices worldwide. Her CEO invites Nora for a chat on creating the company’s employee value proposition. Nora isn’t sure how the conversation will go since she doesn’t have any experience with crafting an organization’s value proposition although it does sound like […]

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3 approaches to effectively communicate your organization’s CSR practices

Recently, a peer from the industry working at a global fashion brand sought advice on corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication. According to her, she conducts many engaging events, collaborates with stakeholders on numerous initiatives and invests heavily on community work that influences society. Despite this, she felt there seemed to be limited understanding of the […]

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Guest Blog & Interview | Arathi Biradar | Why Internal Communications is Fundamental to Organizational Reputation

The 30th edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series features Arathi Biradar of Itelligence India Software Solutions. Arathi builds a case for aligning staff to drive corporate reputation. She believes strongly that internal communication is a key influencer in improving brand image. Arathi leads the marketing and communications for Itelligence India. She has 14+ years […]

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Trust, involve and get out of the way

Why employee involvement is an essential factor for organizational success Organizations worldwide are struggling to cope with dwindling levels of employee engagement. Just 15% of working adults feel engaged at the workplace. Reasons for this trend include their inability to change with how the world is shaping, limited understanding of technology and social upheavals taking […]