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Intraskope featured among the top 16 global internal communication blogs

Pleased to share that my blog is featured among the top 16 global internal communication platforms to read by Blink, an employee communication software firm. Read more here:

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Personal Branding Series: Episode 17 | Dr. Amit Nagpal | President – Bloggers Alliance, Keynote Speaker, Storyteller, Author of Amazon bestseller and Personal Branding Coach

Dr. Amit Nagpal is the one of the pioneers of blogging in the country. As the President @Bloggers Alliance, a keynote speaker, storyteller and author of Amazon bestseller he hasreceived Dr S Radhakrishnan Memorial National Media Network Award 2017 for contributions to online media and was the ASMA Blogger of the year award in 2017. […]

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Personal Branding Series | Interview with Gautam Ghosh | Employer Branding Expert & the ‘Original’ HR Blogger

Gautam Ghosh is an unassuming personal brand who has helped guide many other professionals shape who they are through the deliberate act of blogging. Today, many HR and digital media experts owe their success to Gautam’s evangelism and propagation of getting the word out to the world. In this interview, he reflects on his personal […]

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Podcast: episode 1 of Intraskope Learning| what is internal communications and why does it matter?

Over the years, since I began blogging in 2006 I have received a lot of questions about internal communications and what its value. I am hoping to share my insights and perspectives through short podcasts and vlogs to help practitioners, students and academicians understand this function better and grow stronger in delivering value through it. […]

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Guest Blog Post & Interview | Why Investing In Internal Communication Is A Wise Decision

Excited to share the next edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series with Swati Bhattacharya – Group, Brand and Communication Head of CK Birla Group. In a guest blog post, she shares her viewpoint on the evolving state of internal communications and the need for understanding employees’ needs, customization, strategic thinking, engaging leaders and […]

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Guest Blog | 7 Internal Communication Tips To Engage Millennial Employees

In the third edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series, Swapna Bhandarkar – Head Corporate Communications at  ICICI Securities shares a guest blog. Views expressed by Swapna are personal and do not reflect the views of the organization she works for. A recent study by Deloitte indicates an evolution in the attitudes of millennials due to the geo-political scenarios globally – with […]