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8 Reasons Why Investing in Personal Branding on LinkedIn Matters

Leadership isn’t just about making decisions behind closed doors or delivering compelling presentations in boardrooms. It’s about being visible, relatable, and influential in the online space. And when it comes to online platforms for professionals, LinkedIn stands out as the quintessential stage for showcasing your leadership prowess. With over 1 billion users spanning across 200 […]

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13 Strategies and Habits to Build an Influential Personal Brand

With personal branding, becoming an influential voice requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. Recently, as part of my 1:1 Ask Aniisu engagement, a communicator posed a few questions on approaches to build influence, create meaningful practices and seek tips to engage. This blog post shares the structures, practices, and habits that have shaped my […]

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Why Personal Branding? 6 Insights You Can’t Ignore

·       Why bother about personal branding when I am doing quite well at work? ·       Why spend time updating my Linkedin page or online presence? ·       What can I share as my point of view? ·       Doesn’t it take way too much effort to keep my personal brand relevant and refreshed? ·       Who would even […]

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Subscribe to Intraskope’s Podcast Series Now | Internal Communications and Personal Branding

Based on feedback from my 6000+ Linkedin newsletter subscribers and blog followers to include podcasts on internal communications and personal branding, I am pleased to introduce Intraskope Podcasts featuring two shows (for now): Enjoy the shows on: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0TjXnGKi1OsvlV0UhMM63Z Amazon Music: https://music.amazon.co.uk/podcasts/dc73e85e-0d15-4f7a-b806-7747ee2ff973/intraskope-podcast-series Google Podcasts: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy9kZTE1MTljMC9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw Apple Podcasts Connect: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/intraskope-podcast-series/id1697608358 Have suggestions and ideas on topics […]

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Do Educators Need to Invest in Personal Branding?

In today’s interconnected world, personal branding is no longer limited to celebrities and influencers. It has become essential for professionals across all industries, including teachers. Let me also put this in context – we are all educators, irrespective of the role we play. If you are an employee, manager, or leader, in every interaction you do, […]

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Read ‘Get Intentional’ Now!

Pleased to share that my second book, Get Intentional is now out!  https://www.intraskope.com/get-intentional  This book presents an easy-to-use framework to help students, entrepreneurs, home makers and professionals plan, present and progress in their lives while gaining clarity, being committed and staying consistent. Learn from research-led insights and lessons from 30+ people like you and I […]

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Personal Branding Series: Episode 35 | Mark Hannant | Co-founder teammagenta and Indigo Premedia| Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

As a ‘reverse’ economic migrant, Mark Hannant has made a difference in creative services in India, taking a path lesser tread by most people – who prefer moving to stronger economic markets to benefit. He has not just thrived but also built his ‘brand’ engaging as a creative services entrepreneur. In this interview, he shares […]

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Personal Branding Series: Episode 33 | Cherian Kuruvila | Gravitas and Presence Important For Personal Branding Success

Does have a strong presence and carrying yourself well matter for personal branding? Can how you appear and how you communicate impact your self-worth? Yes, believes Cherian Kuruvila, a management consultant and coach. In this interview, Cherian shares how he gained the trust of his peers, colleagues and clients by staying grounded, being consistent and […]

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Personal Branding Series: Episode 32 | Dr. Kalpana Gopalan | Show, Structure and Substance Matter

Is personal branding a deliberate choice or serendipity? Do you plan it or go with the flow? I has the honor of speaking with an accomplished personality in Dr. Kalpana Gopalan, an IAS officer of over 33 years, a PhD from IIM Bengaluru and an active advocate of volunteering. Currently serving as Additional Chief Secretary, […]