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Drive Impactful CSR Through Engaging Conversations & Harnessing Staff’s Collective Wisdom

This series invites CSR practitioners to share perspectives on the role of communication in making a difference to employee engagement and to the communities organizations serve. In the first edition, Jasmine Singh, a practitioner of communication and CSR discusses her views on the evolving trends in CSR, an interesting campaign at her former employer, Vistara, […]

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Guest Interview & Blog | Sumathi Rao | Keep Your Fingers On The Organization’s Pulse With Internal Communications

Do we know how employees think? Why must we align forces with external and internal messaging? What can internal communicators do to be ahead of the curve? Learn more about these questions in the 23rd edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series featuring Sumathi Rao of Philips. Sumathi is an award-winning, strategic corporate communication and social […]