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5 Internal Communications Considerations While Navigating Geo-Political Nuances

Multinationals when influenced by geo-political perspectives, are often faced with hard choices while communicating actions for their global offices and workforces. Timing matters. Yet organizations need to balance actions with tact and empathy considering their choices impact staff, customers, partners and prospective hires. Especially, when organizations have global business operations, engage with customers or staff […]

Internal Communication

“Internal Communications Went Beyond the Usual Remit” – Sevashree Mohapatra | COVID-19 Internal Communications Interview Series | Episode 3

How did communicators manage through the crisis? What worked and what could have been done better? what kind of approaches, content messages and channels were used? How did they measure the effectiveness of the communications? Read all this and more in this interview with Sevashree Mohapatra who headed Communications for a leading global water, sanitation, […]

Internal Communication

Roadmapping Global Capability Centers’ Communication Priorities and Progression

How much global capability centers or business service entities consider their communication priorities? What must communications teams focus on and in which ways do they serve as partners to the business? Below is my recent contribution to the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network. Other articles in case you missed them are here: […]