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6 Approaches to Tap Generative AI for Internal Communications. Download FREE resource document!

I recently write about Chat GPT and the impact on internal communications. A lot has happened since then and this is a follow-up article to share that as the landscape of internal communications evolves, the emergence of Generative AI technologies has brought forth a paradigm shift in the way communication strategies are crafted and executed. […]

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Coverage | Inclusive Internal Communications

Pleased to share that my latest book Inclusive Internal Communications received coverage in a few publications. Strategic, the only online membership publication by PR experts for CEOs in the USA, UK and Ireland carried a story on their website. Hub News, a North East India media platform shared the news on their website: Bloggers Alliance: […]

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ChatGPT | Bane or Boon for Internal Communications?

Is ChatGPT a bane or a boon for internal communicators? Is this going to sound the death knell for many occupations? What must professionals in creative fields do to stay relevant?  The explosion of AI tools and platforms is putting many occupations in jeopardy. Especially for communications, marketing, media, and branding professionals, there are significant shifts in how […]