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Personal branding – the why, what and how of differentiating yourself

If you are thinking of building your personal brand or are already in the journey of creating one, the following questions may be on your mind. ·      How can I be known for my knowledge and expertise? ·      What must I do to discover my unique promise? ·      Is personal branding only applicable for celebrities? ·      If employees have […]

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How Can Organizations Become Great At Creating Tomorrow?

If there is one question that goes through every CXO’s mind it is about steering and taking their organization to the next level amidst a sea of transformation sweeping the world. There is no easy answer to this question – although yesterday at the third meeting of the Best Employers’ Club organized by the Great Place to Work […]

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5 Ways To Harness Intrapreneurship In Organizations

How do organizations harness the entrepreneurial spirit and creative attitude of its employees to boost business outcomes? When Gifford Pinchot, the person credited with coining the term ‘intrapreneur’ came visiting at Tesco Bengaluru it gave us confidence that good ideas do stand the test of time. In 1978, Gifford Pinchot and his wife Elizabeth S. […]