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6 Steps To Create An Effective Employee Advocacy Program

To build your organization’s employee brand ambassadorship program ground-up you need to craft suitable objectives and a concrete plan. Your employees are the voices of the unified approach which articulates your brand story and why others must care. Therefore, defining the goals, articulating the opportunity, getting together the right team and managing expectations are all […]

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Look Up My Research Paper On Internal Communication | SCMS Journal of Indian Management | July-Sept 2017

Over the years I have been polling practitioners, leaders and employees about the state of the internal communications function. My study, published in SCMS Journal of Indian Management’s July-September 2017 edition, attempts to fill a gap that exists in internal communication literature on the role, focus, support and future of the function in the region. It recommends […]

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Relevance, Insights and Timing Matter In the Age of Storytelling

Is storytelling different from what it was hundreds of years ago? Yes and No were the answers people heard as seasoned leaders Roger Darashah and Atul Takle addressed media and communication professionals at an event in Bengaluru called ‘Storytelling in the Third Age of Consciousness’.  While Roger traced the journey of storytelling and how time to share content among […]