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5 Points To Consider While Upskilling Yourself

How do you ‘upskill’ yourself? You don’t expect such a question to pop up in a Whatsapp group but a post from a communicator piqued my interest. Responses to that post included friendly suggestions to ‘do what it takes’, ‘read and interacting with peers’, ‘do courses online’, ‘write’ and ‘teach’. When I Googled ‘upskill’ the […]

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Interview and Case Study | Women Safety Campaign at First Advantage

In the 4th edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series Shreya Krishnan, Director – Marketing, Communications, Product & CSR  at First Advantage shares a campaign on women safety she ran that aligned with government regulations and helped build trust at her organization.  Do however, first read her views on internal communication in an interview […]

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How Can Organizations Become Great At Creating Tomorrow?

If there is one question that goes through every CXO’s mind it is about steering and taking their organization to the next level amidst a sea of transformation sweeping the world. There is no easy answer to this question – although yesterday at the third meeting of the Best Employers’ Club organized by the Great Place to Work […]

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Guest Blog | 7 Internal Communication Tips To Engage Millennial Employees

In the third edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series, Swapna Bhandarkar – Head Corporate Communications at  ICICI Securities shares a guest blog. Views expressed by Swapna are personal and do not reflect the views of the organization she works for. A recent study by Deloitte indicates an evolution in the attitudes of millennials due to the geo-political scenarios globally – with […]

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Do Your Presentation Skills Count? 6 Tips To Help You Perform Better

Four minutes to present an idea, a plan or a proposal. A topic of your choice. A week to prepare. An audience you are familiar with. Should be easy to deliver an effective presentation, right? Wrong. Presenting in public is among the top three fears people have and even seasoned presenters’ need loads of willpower, commitment […]

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Can We Measure The ‘True Value’ Of Our Sustainability Efforts? 4 Reasons For Practitioners To Take Note

Is sustainability accounting real? Can we completely measure social impact? Is it possible to calculate true social value? I listened in as experts debated sustainability accounting, reporting, and stakeholder value at the Indian Institute of Management (Bengaluru)’s Centre for Corporate Governance and Citizenship-led Leaderspeak Dialogues series on August 23. For me, a practitioner, the discussions were enriching […]