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Inclusion is a leadership prerogative; not a random act of kindness

In my earlier post, I shared a scenario of an organization attempting to get started on inclusion and diversity. Received some insightful comments from readers on what they perceived the issues on hand. Also, appropriate actions that could help James (the CEO) introduce practices related to diversity & inclusion at his organization. While many organizations today […]

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5 Ways to Effectively Close the Loop with Your Stakeholders

Completed a campaign and moving on to the next? Did you take the time to seek feedback and share a campaign summary? If yes, you have just added more points to your credibility quotient. Closing the loop with stakeholders and actively seeking feedback can help you learn from initiatives, appreciate how they perceived your work […]

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Daily Practice for Long-Term Success – What’s Your Story?

Irrespective of the role you play, every day brings new challenges and opportunities at work and beyond. Life and work can be demanding if you are drawn in different directions and there is not a rhythm to your practice – as a professional, student, entrepreneur or homemaker. In the Progress Principle, Teresa Amabile studied close to 12,000 […]