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Know the Most Important Person in your Organization? Maybe Internal Communications can Help

Internal communications play a pivotal role in determining the most important person within an organization. This identification is crucial because it helps streamline the flow of information by clarifying why, who, when, and what information should be shared and discussed. The key individual varies depending on the organization’s type, maturity, and whether it is process-driven […]

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Book Review | Internal Communication in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Monique Zytnik

Monique Zytnik’s Internal Communication in the Age of Artificial Intelligence offers a pioneering overview into the intersection of AI and internal communication, marking a significant contribution to the field. As one of the first books of its kind, Monique delves deep into how AI and immersive technologies are reshaping organizational communication landscapes. I interviewed her […]

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Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence in IC | Edition #36 | Monique Zytnik | Keynote speaker | Published author | Podcaster | IABC EMENA Region Incoming Chair

Is AI going to transform how we think about internal communications? What are the risks and challenges? What can internal communicators and leaders do more to stay abreast of the changes and adopt AI better? Learn more about AI in Internal Communications in edition #36 of Intraskope’s Spotlight Series with Monique Zytnik who spoke to […]

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Transforming Your LinkedIn Company Page through Engagement and Growth

Maintaining a dynamic LinkedIn company page is crucial for enhancing brand visibility and engaging with your audience effectively. This case study explores how a home-grown, unconventional electric vehicle start-up based in Hyderabad, India, is revolutionizing its online presence on LinkedIn. Identified Pain Points: Associated Risks: Strategic Solutions Implemented: Discover how this electric vehicle start-up addressed […]

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🔍 Struggling to Manage Your Online Presence?

Many leaders feel overwhelmed by the thought of managing their LinkedIn profiles. Fear of not doing it right, uncertainty about getting started, and concerns about consistency can hold you back. But not investing in personal branding has its own risks: ❌ Limited awareness and recognition of your leadership. ❌ Difficulty in attracting and retaining top […]

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What is Your Internal Communication ‘Mew’ Moment?

If you haven’t been following the latest fad – mewing – it’s a form of oral posture training aimed at altering jaw and facial structure (though there is no scientific evidence that it works). This trend has been catching on online among youngsters to such an extent that the American Association of Orthodontists issued a […]