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8 Reasons Why Investing in Personal Branding on LinkedIn Matters

Leadership isn’t just about making decisions behind closed doors or delivering compelling presentations in boardrooms. It’s about being visible, relatable, and influential in the online space. And when it comes to online platforms for professionals, LinkedIn stands out as the quintessential stage for showcasing your leadership prowess.

With over 1 billion users spanning across 200 countries and available in 26 languages, LinkedIn isn’t just a social network; it’s a powerhouse of opportunities waiting to be harnessed.

Consider these statistics: 41% of people engage with LinkedIn pages organically every week, and 61 million individuals actively use it for job searches, with 6 people being hired every minute through the platform.

Despite this immense potential, many leaders hesitate to dive into personal branding on LinkedIn. What holds them back? Let’s explore some common roadblocks.

  1. Fear of Losing Face

Leaders often fear saying something off-key or attempting to please everyone, which can backfire. However, true leadership is about taking a stand and having a voice. Your authenticity is what resonates with your audience and builds a compelling personal brand.

2. The Silence of Your Work

While you may hope your work speaks for itself, effective communication is essential for taking stakeholders on the journey with you. Without articulating your goals, vision, and achievements, your impact may remain invisible.

3. Comparison Paralysis

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to peers who seem to be doing something different or unique. Remember, your only competition is yourself. Focus on authentically presenting your brand rather than competing with others.

4. Inconsistent Presence

Building a personal brand isn’t about sporadic bursts of activity. Consistency is key. Your audience craves a constant drumbeat of valuable insights and engagement, not just occasional updates.

5. Overthinking the Perfect Profile

Striving for perfection before going live can hinder progress. Building your online brand is an ongoing process. Start by being present and discoverable, refining as you go along.

6. The Peril of Inaction

Remaining inactive sends a signal that you’re out of touch and lacking a point of view on industry-relevant topics. Playing catch-up later is far more challenging than maintaining an active presence from the start.

 7. Undervaluing Your Contributions

Humility is admirable, but don’t undervalue or downplay your achievements. Highlight your successes, acknowledge your team’s efforts, and showcase the impact you’ve made.

8. Overstepping Your Role

As a leader, your focus should be on strategic initiatives, not micromanaging every detail. Delegate tasks appropriately and empower your team to handle day-to-day operations.

In light of these challenges, investing in personal branding on LinkedIn becomes not just a choice but a necessity for modern leaders. It’s about being visible, building credibility, and cultivating meaningful connections in an increasingly digital world.

If you find yourself grappling with these obstacles, fear not. Assistance is at hand. I offer light-touch and fully managed LinkedIn personal and company page services tailored to your needs. From crafting compelling content to optimizing your profile for maximum impact, I’m here to help you.

Remember, your personal brand isn’t just about self-promotion; it’s about authentically representing who you are and the value you bring to the table. So, why wait? Start shaping your digital presence on LinkedIn today and watch as new opportunities unfold on your journey to leadership excellence.



I am Aniisu, an award-winning internal communications and change leader helping individuals and organizations discover and develop their ‘sweet-spot’ through effective communications. As a Linkedin Top Voice for Internal Communications & Personal Branding based in Sydney, Australia, I offer insights, perspectives and solutions at the intersection of these two evolving domains. I believe that organizations are an amalgamation of employees as ‘personal brands’ and when we include, involve and inspire staff as partners of change, together we can amplify our presence and advocacy.

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