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Interview on Internal Communications and Careers | Wise Owl Career

What does internal communications entail? How does it work in the present world? How can youngsters think about this domain? What are some of the key aspects of the function? Look up answers to these questions and more in my interview with Neha Dey, a podcaster who runs Wise Owl Career. Let me know what […]

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Webinar on Personal Branding: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore | September 14, 2018

Want to know how to build your personal brand? Keen to understand why it matters to you? Irrespective of whichever walk of life you are in – as a student, a working professional or an entrepreneur – personal branding is crucial for your success. Knowing who you are, what you want to be and how […]

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5 Points To Consider While Upskilling Yourself

How do you ‘upskill’ yourself? You don’t expect such a question to pop up in a Whatsapp group but a post from a communicator piqued my interest. Responses to that post included friendly suggestions to ‘do what it takes’, ‘read and interacting with peers’, ‘do courses online’, ‘write’ and ‘teach’. When I Googled ‘upskill’ the […]