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10 Reasons Why Design Deserves More Attention Than It Gets

The role of design in communication is often misunderstood. Designers are often assumed to be those who create cute animations, spruce up awful presentations, make posters look catchy and cover up bad ideas and poor thinking. The Design Summit, organized by NASSCOM at Bengaluru today debunked such myths and provided interesting insights into the world of […]

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Interview & Case Study | Roma Balwani | Innovate and Co-Create Purposeful Communication

Can internal communication influence behavioral change among employees? Is it possible to spur innovation and creativity? The next edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series features Roma Balwani, Director, Strategic Resources Group and former President – Group Communications, Sustainable Development & CSR and member – Group Executive Committee, Vedanta. Roma shares how internal communication is not just […]

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Guest Blog & Interview | Sobha Varghese | Carve Your Niche and Go the Extra Mile With Internal Communications

Is internal communication relevant for collaboration and interaction? Can it improve belongingness and business perspective among employees? This 12th edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series comes from Europe as Sobha Varghese – Head, Internal Communications -Tata Consultancy Services (Continental Europe) addresses key facets of workplace motivation and employee voice through a blog on […]

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5 Ways to Tackle the Information Overload Challenge

You can also now subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more updates. Wishing my readers a peaceful and prosperous New Year! As we enter 2018, I am sharing perspectives on a topic that matters to each one of us – information overload. Globally the pace of communication has exploded. Each day we receive hundreds of messages making […]