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CSR Communications Series | Nayna Banerjee, Dun & Bradstreet | Purpose-Led Interventions and Compassion Essential for Success

Communicating corporate social responsibility is a hands-on responsibility. Not something which can be done from your desk. Investing in communications is important because there are implications for the brand and reputation – for example, people are keen to join organizations that are purpose-led. In the 7th edition of the CSR Communications Series, Nayna Banerjee, Head […]

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Post COVID-19 world | Challenges and opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability practitioners

What does the new normal mean for Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability champions? What trends and conditions must practitioners be aware of? How can we be future-ready? COVID-19 has upended all that we imagined about giving, volunteering, stakeholder engagement and more.  Take for example these trends from recent research findings: 71% will never trust brands […]

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CSR Communications Series | Peter Brun, VFS Global | Highlighting the Corporate Conscience with Sustainability Communications and Initiatives

Communicating corporate social responsibility is important to demonstrate positive intent and align stakeholders. Taking stakeholders into confidence and building trust through CSR communications is vital for sustainability programming and success. In the 6th edition of the CSR Communications Series, –  Peter Brun, Chief Communications Officer at VFS Global articulates the crucial role of CSR communication […]

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR strategy Sustainability

CSR Communications Series | Mahul Bhahma PhD | Showcasing Transformative Impact with CSR Communications

Communicating corporate social responsibility is crucial for engaging stakeholders. As long as conduct it in the right spirit, such communications goes a long way in building pride among staff and strengthens trust among external stakeholders. In the 5th edition of the CSR Communications Series, –  Dr. Mahul Brahma, Vertical Head (CSR, Comms, Branding, Publishing, Conferences) […]

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5 ways to make your ‘Give As You Earn’ charity programme sticky

Every socially conscious organization will want to give back to the community in ways that matter. One of the many ways to get staff engaged and connected is through an effective ‘Give As You Earn’ programme. Despite a perceived lack of ‘close’ connection that staff feel when they sign-up for charitable contributions directly from their […]

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Make CSR Communication Shine. Contribute To This Series and Give Back In Ways That Matter

Inviting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability leaders to join Intraskope’s CSR Communication Shout-Out where we explore the exciting world of employee engagement, employee involvement and social impact through the lens of impactful and inspiring campaigns. It is known that organizations that pursue an inside-out approach to CSR communication gain commitment from employees and are […]

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Change-makers re-think a better world – Insights from 2018 Rotary Karnataka CSR Conference

Can like-minded individuals bring about lasting change in the world? Is it possible to influence socio-economic improvements in the state of Karnataka through social service? This and many more questions were addressed at the engaging Rotary Karnataka CSR Conference 2018 in Bengaluru on February 24 where I had the opportunity to be a panelist among […]