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5 ways to make your ‘Give As You Earn’ charity programme sticky

Every socially conscious organization will want to give back to the community in ways that matter. One of the many ways to get staff engaged and connected is through an effective ‘Give As You Earn’ programme. Despite a perceived lack of ‘close’ connection that staff feel when they sign-up for charitable contributions directly from their […]

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Make CSR Communication Shine. Contribute To This Series and Give Back In Ways That Matter

Inviting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability leaders to join Intraskope’s CSR Communication Shout-Out where we explore the exciting world of employee engagement, employee involvement and social impact through the lens of impactful and inspiring campaigns. It is known that organizations that pursue an inside-out approach to CSR communication gain commitment from employees and are […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability Volunteering

Change-makers re-think a better world – Insights from 2018 Rotary Karnataka CSR Conference

Can like-minded individuals bring about lasting change in the world? Is it possible to influence socio-economic improvements in the state of Karnataka through social service? This and many more questions were addressed at the engaging Rotary Karnataka CSR Conference 2018 in Bengaluru on February 24 where I had the opportunity to be a panelist among […]

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR strategy Sustainability

Can We Measure The ‘True Value’ Of Our Sustainability Efforts? 4 Reasons For Practitioners To Take Note

Is sustainability accounting real? Can we completely measure social impact? Is it possible to calculate true social value? I listened in as experts debated sustainability accounting, reporting, and stakeholder value at the Indian Institute of Management (Bengaluru)’s Centre for Corporate Governance and Citizenship-led Leaderspeak Dialogues series on August 23. For me, a practitioner, the discussions were enriching […]