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Spotlight On Employee Experience | Edition #24 | Andrea Greenhous | Employee Experience & Internal Communications Expert

With just 13% of the world’s workforce feeling engaged, there is a need to revisit if the approach leaders and communicators take currently is the most appropriate.  There is also lack of clarity on what covers engagement and where do we draw the line. Also, what is the role of experience in the overall journey […]

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Media Disinterestedness | The Moral and Ethical Dilemmas of Personal Branding

Globally, trust in media is abysmally low and as citizens become stronger as activists, there is a need to reflect and revisit how revitalizing values and ethics can reinforce human progress and community development. This is in relation to people as media and in turn as personal brands.  Media disinterestedness applies to people quite like […]

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Speaker at XVI Scientific Conference of Media Ethics | May 18

Pleased to share that I will be speaking at the  XVI Scientific Conference of Media Ethics held on May 18-19, 2022. Organized by The Pontifical University of Pope John Paul II (Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawła II), in Krakow, the theme for the conference is Disinterestedness in the Media – Self-Interested Media and I will be […]

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Spotlight On Podcasting in Communication | Edition #23 | Zane Ewton | Writer, Editor, Podcast Producer/Co-Host

Welcome to the 23rd edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight Series featuring Zane Ewton, an internal communications professional and multimedia creative with deep experience with podcasting. He serves as a senior manager of internal communications for The Villages and is based in Florida, U.S. Zane describes himself as a storyteller as well as a writer, editor, photographer, […]

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Global Trends and Communications Transformation

There are numerous challenges and risks that the public relations function can address and convert into opportunities now and in the future. Roksana Obuchowska and I make an attempt at placing current issues in perspective, drawing from trends shaping our world. Interested in your thoughts. #publicrelations This article first appeared on the Polish PR Association website https://polskipr.pl/publikacje/741364/insights-and-perspectives-on-global-trends-and-communications-transformation […]