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“We became consultants in the truest sense”- Ruchika Sharma | COVID-19 Internal Communications Interview Series | Episode 2

How did internal communicators deal with the evolving crisis? What approaches were adopted and how did they communicate effectively? Read all this and more in this interview with Ruchika Sharma who is listed in India’s 50 Best Corporate Communications Leaders. Ruchika currently serves as the Global Internal Communications Lead- CMT (SDM) at Cognizant. The COVID-19 […]

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5 Internal Communications Post-COVID-19 Trends

2020 has been a year like no other – challenging yet transformational for the world of internal communications. In all the interviews I have done on internal communications this year, the impact of the pandemic is voiced repeatedly by practitioners and seasoned experts alike. From the agility displayed by internal communicators during the crisis to how culture is now […]

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5 tips to run a frugal communication campaign during the pandemic and after

Internal communication teams often don’t get all the resources they need to run and sustain initiatives. Especially, in a year like 2020, managing through the crisis and emerging from COVID19 meant that organizations and communication teams were distracted from core responsibilities. In such situations, when the ‘lights need to stay on’ and yet employees expectations […]