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Look Within to Build Your Organization’s Employee Value Proposition

A couple of weeks ago I invited readers to reflect on a case study involving a person leading employer branding at her organization and the dilemma she faced. Every organization has a reason to exist. Organizations who have discovered this reason and articulated it to current and prospective employees can hope to find success. Often, the task […]

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5 tips to help leaders deliver effective presentations

Senior leaders often represent their organizations at external engagements as speakers or panelists. The expectation is to contribute to a discussion or share thought leadership insights on topics that matter. Here, the communicator’s role isn’t to help create content for marketing or branding or to make the leader look good on stage. It is very […]

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How do I arrive at my organization’s Employee Value Proposition?

Nora leads employer branding at Pintop Ltd, a 10-year old established mobile phone maker with offices worldwide. Her CEO invites Nora for a chat on creating the company’s employee value proposition. Nora isn’t sure how the conversation will go since she doesn’t have any experience with crafting an organization’s value proposition although it does sound like […]