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Do Educators Need to Invest in Personal Branding?

In today’s interconnected world, personal branding is no longer limited to celebrities and influencers. It has become essential for professionals across all industries, including teachers. Let me also put this in context – we are all educators, irrespective of the role we play. If you are an employee, manager, or leader, in every interaction you do, […]

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Spotlight On Thought Leadership | Edition #34 | Ross Monaghan | CEO turned Communication Academic, Trainer & Advisor | IABC APAC Board Member

How relevant is thought leadership for internal communications? How can leaders get adept at thought leadership? How can internal communicators influence the way leaders think about thought leadership? Learn about this topic with edition #34 of Intraskope’s Spotlight Series. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ross Monaghan, an academic at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, […]

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5 Strategic Internal Communication Interventions For Stakeholder Success

I was recently invited by a global telecom major to assess, assimilate and align how internal communications can be improved. The company expected a review of the current state of internal communications, a tactical exercise, and provide recommendations in a workshop. However, I insisted on going deeper and understanding the communication climate and culture better. Through focus groups and […]

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Coverage | Inclusive Internal Communications

Pleased to share that my latest book Inclusive Internal Communications received coverage in a few publications. Strategic, the only online membership publication by PR experts for CEOs in the USA, UK and Ireland carried a story on their website. Hub News, a North East India media platform shared the news on their website: Bloggers Alliance: […]