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Join #MentorIC | Making Internal Communications Knowledge Accessible and Inclusive

In internal communications, valuable expertise often remains inaccessible, particularly for students, professionals and academics in emerging and mature markets. Many experienced leaders have navigated their careers without the guidance that is now essential for the next generation. Also, much of the field’s great work is hidden behind paywalls or confined to exclusive industry events.

#MentorIC is committed to breaking down these barriers, ensuring that knowledge and learning in internal communications are inclusive and accessible to all. It is a FREE forum. Sign-up today. Just an hour a month can make a difference.

Scope of the Program

#MentorIC aims to bridge the gap in internal communications by facilitating mentorship opportunities for professionals at all career stages. Whether you’re seeking guidance or looking to share your expertise, this platform is designed to foster a supportive environment where knowledge exchange thrives.

Broad Framework

Participants can join as either mentors or mentees, engaging in structured sessions to discuss various aspects of internal communications. Sessions are facilitated through an accessible Google Sheet, ensuring transparency and ease of scheduling.


  • Mentors: Share insights, provide guidance, and support the professional development of mentees.
  • Mentees: Come prepared to learn, ask questions, and actively engage in discussions to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Criteria for Enrolling as a Mentor

To enroll as a mentor in #MentorIC, individuals should have:

  • Demonstrated expertise and experience in internal communications.
  • Willingness to commit time to mentorship sessions.
  • Passion for sharing knowledge and helping others grow in their careers.

Outreach and Promotion

#MentorIC will be promoted through:

  • LinkedIn posts highlighting the benefits of mentorship and sharing stories of mentors and mentees
  • Collaboration with industry influencers and organizations to expand reach.
  • Engaging content and success stories shared regularly to inspire participation.

Why #MentorIC?

Internal communicators need diverse perspectives and practical insights. #MentorIC tackles these challenges by:

  1. Facilitating Knowledge Exchange: From seasoned professionals to those new to the field, everyone can share expertise on vital topics like strategic planning, crisis communication, and employee engagement.
  2. Promoting Collaborative Growth: The platform nurtures a culture of mutual support, where everyone learns from each other’s experiences, ensuring collective growth.
  3. Ensuring Transparency and Simplicity: An editable Google Sheet makes it easy to track availability, session topics, and feedback, ensuring the process is straightforward and inclusive.

How It Works

  1. Registration: Internal communicators at all career stages are invited to sign up as mentors or mentees, based on their expertise and learning needs.
  2. Effortless Engagement: The Google Sheet facilitates connection and documentation of discussions, making collaboration seamless.
  3. Community Support: Regular updates and success stories shared on LinkedIn will build a vibrant, supportive community dedicated to continuous learning and development.

List of Areas to Mentor On

Mentors can offer guidance on a wide range of topics including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Crisis Communication
  • Employee Engagement
  • Careers
  • Internal Branding
  • Change Management
  • Writing and Content Development
  • Leadership Communication
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Communications

Join #MentorIC Today

Ready to contribute, learn, and grow together in the field of internal communications? Sign up as a mentor or mentee and become part of our vibrant community dedicated to professional development and knowledge sharing.

Join #MentorIC to contribute, learn, and help build a stronger, more inclusive community in internal communications. Together, we can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to grow and succeed.

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