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Like It Or Not, Employee Branding is The Way Forward For Organizations

Wondering why organizations find it hard to engage employees? Unclear why communication directed at employees doesn’t get the attention it deserves? Confounded by how employees continue to distrust organizations? The answer can potentially lie in how organizations view employer vs employee branding. Look around you or at your workplace. Employees are no longer bound by […]

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3 Reasons why Communicators Need to Engage Academia More

Consider these cases from the corporate world – A large multinational is preparing for its quarterly rewards & recognition program. A lone voice highlights the need to discontinue the event and focus on more frequent recognitions because research studies continue to indicate a shift from more traditional forms of recognition to personalization and real-time celebrations […]

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How Do We Select a Suitable Charity Partner?

Bipin is at his wit’s end. As the CSR leader for Eurorol, he is responsible for managing the social responsibility corpus basis the government directive on doing social good. However, he is a conundrum. Despite having clarity about the areas which his organization can focus their attention on the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) he invites to […]