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Guest Blog & Interview | Alex Malouf | Fostering An Organizational Culture That Values Communications – An Emerging Market Perspective

How can we identify and involve influencers internally? What will nudge the organization to value internal communications more? When do leaders see the benefits of this important function? Alex Malouf of Proctor & Gamble shares his perspectives in the 24th edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series. Former journalist Alex Malouf has carved out a […]

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Be Wary of Credibility Degraders. Avoid Mindless Interactions

It seems like the world is working harder than before although the results aren’t there to show in terms of productivity. Time wastage in organizations has reached epidemic proportions with a sizable percentage of people claiming to have wasted over half their day on non-work tasks such as speaking on the phone, gossiping and browsing the net. Not just […]

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Drive Impactful CSR Through Engaging Conversations & Harnessing Staff’s Collective Wisdom

This series invites CSR practitioners to share perspectives on the role of communication in making a difference to employee engagement and to the communities organizations serve. In the first edition, Jasmine Singh, a practitioner of communication and CSR discusses her views on the evolving trends in CSR, an interesting campaign at her former employer, Vistara, […]

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Guest Interview & Blog | Sumathi Rao | Keep Your Fingers On The Organization’s Pulse With Internal Communications

Do we know how employees think? Why must we align forces with external and internal messaging? What can internal communicators do to be ahead of the curve? Learn more about these questions in the 23rd edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series featuring Sumathi Rao of Philips. Sumathi is an award-winning, strategic corporate communication and social […]

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Make CSR Communication Shine. Contribute To This Series and Give Back In Ways That Matter

Inviting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability leaders to join Intraskope’s CSR Communication Shout-Out where we explore the exciting world of employee engagement, employee involvement and social impact through the lens of impactful and inspiring campaigns. It is known that organizations that pursue an inside-out approach to CSR communication gain commitment from employees and are […]

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Guest Interview & Blog | Karen Lilla | Enhancing Employee Experience Through Data-Driven Internal Communications

Does data play a role in improving employee experience? What skills are important for internal communicators? How can internal communicators manage crises? Benefit from answers to these questions and other insights in the 22nd edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series featuring Karen Lilla – Director of Global Employee Communications, IBM Corp. For the past five years, […]

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Trust, involve and get out of the way

Why employee involvement is an essential factor for organizational success Organizations worldwide are struggling to cope with dwindling levels of employee engagement. Just 15% of working adults feel engaged at the workplace. Reasons for this trend include their inability to change with how the world is shaping, limited understanding of technology and social upheavals taking place, globalization of […]