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7 Lessons from Coaching Leaders on Optimizing LinkedIn Presence

Drawing from my experience in helping an electric mobility company’s page reassert itself and enhance reach and engagement by 3X, alongside coaching leaders like a start-up CEO and others in similar roles, I’ve observed the transformative impact of proactive LinkedIn strategies. These efforts resulted in substantial improvements in visibility and connection with industry peers. As […]

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Book Review | Talking to Strangers (What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know) | Malcolm Gladwell

Have you ever tried making sense of new people you met? We create our own perceptions about their attitudes, behaviors, mindsets and preferences at a glance or after a few minutes of conversation. Often, we get it horribly wrong with dangerous outcomes changing the course of our lives, health, wealth, careers, families and more, believes […]

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Join #MentorIC | Making Internal Communications Knowledge Accessible and Inclusive

In internal communications, valuable expertise often remains inaccessible, particularly for students, professionals and academics in emerging and mature markets. Many experienced leaders have navigated their careers without the guidance that is now essential for the next generation. Also, much of the field’s great work is hidden behind paywalls or confined to exclusive industry events. #MentorIC […]

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Video Interview | Megha Chaturvedi | Episode 60 | Internal Communication Shapes Organizational Identity and Employee Behaviors

Presenting the 60th edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series featuring Megha Chaturvedi – Communication Lead, Alstom India. Megha Chaturvedi is a results-oriented communications professional with over 15 years of experience across diverse industries. Megha has a proven track record of collaborating with organizations to develop communication strategies that effectively drive business objectives. She seamlessly transitions […]

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The Need for Internal Communication Agencies and Their Challenges

Every modern business, irrespective of the industry or size needs to be engaging their staff and connecting them to the purpose. Therefore, the role of internal communication has become more crucial than ever. Companies are recognizing that effective internal communication is not just a nicety but a necessity. It’s the glue that holds an organization […]

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Six Reasons Why New Global Capability Centers Struggle to Establish Themselves

First published on Shared Services & Outsourcing Network website Have you ever wondered why some Global Capability Centers (GCCs) flourish while others flounder, despite having similar resources and goals? In India alone, it is projected that 800 new GCCs will launch operations in the next 5-6 years, adding to the existing 1600. An Accenture study […]

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5 Steps to Establish Groundwork and Communicate Change

Are you ready to lay the foundation for a successful change management function? In my previous article, I discussed the importance of assessing readiness and setting up a governance model. Now, let’s explore how to establish the groundwork, build a coalition, and achieve stakeholder buy-in. 1. Establishing the Groundwork Creating a robust foundation involves aligning […]

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Getting Started with a Change Management Office? 4 Key Aspects to Consider.

Recently, I was approached by a multinational headquartered in France and with a significantly large presence in India to consult on establishing and communicating a change management office. This office is expected to manage global transformation projects from afar bringing consistency, reliability and scale to the processes, systems and practices that empower the organization. Should […]

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Internal Communications Frequently Asked Questions

I am often asked questions about the role, expectations and even a for a typical job description for a senior leader in internal communications. I have compiled some of these questions and responses below. Feel free to share your views and ad questions you want answered. As a Senior Internal Comms Leader, the primary responsibility […]

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10 Core Principles to Build a Strong Employer Brand

Employer branding is all about shaping how current and potential employees see your company. It’s about making your workplace the place to be. Surprisingly, 72% of recruiting leaders say it’s crucial for hiring, but only 55% have a solid strategy (LinkedIn Talent Solutions, 2022). In this blog, I will share the context to consider and […]