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Why Personal Branding? 6 Insights You Can’t Ignore

·       Why bother about personal branding when I am doing quite well at work?

·       Why spend time updating my Linkedin page or online presence?

·       What can I share as my point of view?

·       Doesn’t it take way too much effort to keep my personal brand relevant and refreshed?

·       Who would even bother about what I have to say?

There are many reasons to procrastinate and delay your personal branding journey. Unfortunately, there is only so much time left before you stave off a crisis without enough social capital in the bank.

Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes effort. Yes, it requires a strategy. And, Yes, it needs you to be diligent and consistent. There is no running away.

Irrespective of how embedded you are in your current workplace and have the blessings of all the right people to survive and progress, personal branding is what will nourish your journey and feed your pathway to progress. Because you never know what the future holds. The future is bright and also uncertain. Jobs aren’t staying the same, the nature of work is evolving, the needs of organizations vary and the expectations of what an ideal employee is meant to do has changed.

In a rapidly changing professional landscape, the importance of personal branding becomes increasingly evident when we delve into the profound insights derived from research and real-world experiences. To truly understand why personal branding can’t wait, let’s explore these critical insights:

1. The Automation Threat

Research Insight: According to the McKinsey Global Institute’s 2017 report, nearly half of all global job activities can be automated using existing technology. This stark reality means that even if you excel in your current role, there’s no guarantee it will remain immune to automation.

Navigating the Challenge: Personal branding isn’t just about showcasing your current skills but also your adaptability. By actively shaping your personal brand, you signal your ability to evolve and take on new challenges, making you indispensable in a world where automation looms large.

2. The Power of Executive Influence

 Research Insight: In 2022, Brand Builders found that 82% of Americans believe that companies with executives who have a personal brand are more influential. This insight underscores the immense potential for personal branding to impact not only your career but your organization’s reputation and reach.

 Harnessing Influence: Your personal brand can extend beyond personal gain to elevate your organization’s stature. By establishing yourself as an influential figure in your industry, you contribute to your company’s credibility and market position.

3. Leader Engagement Matters

Research Insight: A 2018 study by Sprout Social revealed that 70% of consumers feel more connected to brands with active CEOs on social media. This insight highlights the value of personal engagement and interaction in today’s digitally-driven world.

 Building Connection: Personal branding isn’t confined to your professional life; it extends to your digital presence. By actively engaging with your audience through social media and other online platforms, you create meaningful connections that can benefit both your personal and professional spheres.

4. Skills Convergence and Adaptation

 Research Insight: The World Economic Forum’s 2022 report emphasizes the evolving nature of skills, with surprising overlaps between roles. This means that staying static in your current skill set can leave you vulnerable to obsolescence.

Embracing Evolution: Personal branding isn’t just about what you know now; it’s about showcasing your capacity to adapt and acquire new skills. By highlighting your ability to embrace change, you position yourself as an asset in any professional context.

5. The Rise of Personal Brands

 Research Insight: In 2021, PwC found that a significant portion of the global workforce envisions a future where personal brands replace traditional employment. This shift reflects a fundamental transformation in the way people perceive and pursue their careers.

 Embracing the Future: Personal branding isn’t just a trend; it’s an emerging paradigm. Those who invest in their personal brands today are aligning themselves with the future of work, where individual reputation and expertise hold substantial currency.

6. Navigating Industry Turbulence

 Research Insight: In 2023, Layoffs.fyi reported that 219 tech companies laid off 68,149 employees. This stark illustration of industry turbulence serves as a poignant reminder that job security can be elusive even in thriving sectors.

 Securing Your Path: Amid industry fluctuations, your personal brand can act as a shield. It can help you pivot, find new opportunities, and maintain your professional trajectory when faced with sudden disruptions.

Personal branding isn’t an optional endeavor; it’s a strategic imperative in a world marked by automation, shifting skill requirements, and the ascent of personal brands. These research insights paint a compelling picture of the landscape you navigate. By embracing personal branding, you aren’t just bolstering your individual journey; you’re positioning yourself to thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving professional environment.

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I am Aniisu, an award-winning internal communications and change leader helping individuals and organizations discover and develop their ‘sweet-spot’ through effective communications. As a Linkedin Top Voice for Internal Communications & Personal Branding, I offer insights, perspectives and solutions at the intersection of these two evolving domains. Organizations are an amalgamation of employees as ‘personal brands’ and when we include, involve and inspire staff as partners of change, together we can amplify our presence and advocacy.

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