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13 Strategies and Habits to Build an Influential Personal Brand

With personal branding, becoming an influential voice requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. Recently, as part of my 1:1 Ask Aniisu engagement, a communicator posed a few questions on approaches to build influence, create meaningful practices and seek tips to engage.

This blog post shares the structures, practices, and habits that have shaped my journey both on social media and beyond.

A) Structures for Influence:

1. Clarity and Expertise:

  • Craft a unique vision of expertise that sets you apart. Be the go-to person in your field with a distinctive perspective.

2. Follow and Learn:

  • Identify and follow experts who share valuable insights. Continuous learning from others enriches your own knowledge and perspective.

3. Seek Mentors:

  • Connect with mentors and thought leaders who can guide you on your journey. Their experiences provide invaluable lessons.

4. Give Without Expecting:

  • Invest in giving back to your community without expecting immediate returns. Honest feedback is the true currency of growth.

5. Embrace Experimentation:

  • Be willing to experiment, fail, and learn. Explore various platforms like blogging, podcasts, webinars, and more to find what suits your style.

6. Seize Opportunities:

  • Identify and seize opportunities that come your way. Being proactive in spotting chances for growth is key to building influence.

7. Continuous Learning:

  • Invest in learning continually. From usability to change management, acquiring diverse skills enhances your value as an influential voice.

B) Career-Defining Practices and Habits:

1. Consistent Content Creation:

  • Regularly create content, whether it’s writing a weekly blog post or actively participating on platforms like LinkedIn.

2. Learn and Mentor:

  • Engage in a dual process of learning and mentoring. Share your knowledge on platforms like LinkedIn to contribute to your industry’s community.

3. Focus and Alignment:

  • Maintain focus on your career goals and fine-tune your efforts. Let go of roles and associations that don’t align with your objectives.

C) Setting Objectives and Identifying Opportunities:

1. Find Your Passion:

  • Discover your passion and set clear goals. In my case, internal communication became a focal point for professional development.

2. Evolving Goals:

  • Be open to evolving goals. I diversified into personal branding and advocacy to future-proof my career.

3. Observation for Opportunities:

  • Opportunities abound in observing organizational dynamics. Pay attention to how people engage, leaders react, and managers make decisions—these insights can inspire and shape your content.

Building an influential personal brand is a journey of dedication, learning, and adaptability. By implementing these structures, practices, and habits, you too can distinguish yourself as a prominent voice in your field, both online and offline.

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