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My Personal Goals to Navigate Communication in 2024

A segment of this article is featured in IABC India’s newsletter (Feb 7, 2024 edition):

Communication is a two-way street – it’s not just about honing our individual skills but also about creating bridges within our communities. As someone who recently landed in vibrant Australia, my 2024 communication goals extend beyond personal development to fostering a sense of belonging for overseas communicators in Australia and New Zealand.

1. Building Bridges Through the International Communication Professionals

Moving to a new country is like learning a new language – you need to understand the local nuances to truly connect. Recognizing the challenges faced by communicators in a foreign market, I’ve initiated a safe space called the International Communication Professionals – ANZ Group. This invite-only forum is a haven for those who’ve made the move, aiming to share insights, tips, and expert advice. Together, we navigate the local dynamics and contribute to each other’s professional growth. If you’re in Australia or NZ, join us: Submit your interest here and join the LinkedIn Group.

2. Supporting People, One Chat at a Time

As the employee-employer relationships evolve, employee communication is becoming more humane and personal branding is becoming more vital than ever. To help professionals and students navigate this shift, I’m offering free 1:1 chats. Feel free to reach out, ask questions, and seek clarifications. Let’s connect and support each other in achieving our goals.

3. Tailored Solutions for a Tech-Focused Future

Collaborating with communication entrepreneurs as part of the Global Commtrepreneurs Network, my goal is to partner to provide customized and agile solutions in tech-focused media, marketing, and communication. By understanding the unique needs of clients in markets like APAC and Australia, we aim to offer fresh perspectives and strategies. Find out more at or drop a mail to [email protected]

Strategies for Implementation

The key to achieving these goals lies in active listening, market understanding, and adapting to local challenges. By staying attuned to the needs of the community and providing relevant support, these strategies aim to create a positive impact. These goals align with broader industry directions.

  • Organizational culture and transformation: According to McKinsey’s report – The State of Organisations (2023), 23% of organizational redesigns are implemented successfully, 44% tend to stall and 33% fail altogether. =Recognizing the importance of change management, my focus will be on initiatives that address the need for successful transformation, given the statistics indicating the challenges organizations face in implementing change and embedding culture.
  • Communication Technology Investment: 70% of Chief Communication Officers report in the Future of Corporate Communications (Edelman, 2021) that CommsTech is a top area of investment and 56% report increased use of communications technology. However, 44% report baseline measurement of media impressions, and only 30% are mapping revenue growth back to their core activities. Acknowledging the significance of communication technology, my goals are to align with the industry trend of increased investment in CommsTech. I aim to bridge the gap by providing tailored solutions and actively measuring outcomes.
  • Human-Centric Connections: According to the State of the Sector study (Gallagher, 2023), only 60% of respondents thought their channels were very good or quite good at connecting people on a human level. My goals directly resonate with this trend, emphasizing the humane side of communication.

2024 is not just about personal growth but also about creating a community that thrives on shared experiences and mutual support. I am excited about helping professionals and the community navigate the communication landscape together, breaking barriers and building connections that truly matter.

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