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COVID-19 Resources: funding and volunteering opportunities

With the pandemic sweeping across the world, there is a humanitarian crisis looming. Each country is at a different stage of their fightback against cononavirus and resources and support for affected individuals and organizations is lacking. There is a spurt of demand for funding, volunteers, resources, ventilators, masks, food among other needs. In India, the […]

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Co-authored paper ranks at 2020 International Public Relations Research Conference

Humbled to have co-authored a paper that won an award at the International Public Relations Research Conference (March 5-7, 2020) at Orlando, Florida. Thought I’ll share this news with you. Below are the details and the link. Paper: Enhancing Employee Commitment to Change through Uncertainty Reduction: The Role of Channel Selection and Communication Transparency Linjuan […]

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Hire for potential, groom for performance

The panel was undecided about two candidates they planned to hire. According to them, one was arrogant and the other was docile. They needed someone who straddled two extremes of the personality spectrum. This case study – Congenial or Docile – Whom Must We Hire?received interesting viewpoints from readers. Thank you Amrita, Murali, Annesha, Indranil and Vikram for sharing your valuable insights. […]

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Keen to tap content opportunities? Here are 4 ideas to kick-start your efforts

Every organization, big or small, has enough stories to inspire and engage. Other they hold back thinking of the following: –       That the content may not be of interest to audiences, –       That it was done a while ago and may have lost relevance, –       There isn’t much depth in the content, –       Or, if it will be well […]

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How relevant is internal communications? Download and read FREE ebook to know more!

Humbled to be included in the interview ebook, Why Internal Communications Mattersby BonFyre. In this e-book, you can read insights from 18 internal communications experts from six different countries covering a range of topics such as trends, impact and challenges facing the world of work. I had the opportunity to share my views on employee experience, how […]

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4 communication strategies to consider when expanding your Global Capability Center network

Pleased to share that my article on communication strategies for integrating new global capability centers is live on the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network website. Do drop by and read the complete piece:

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5 Traps that Internal Communicators Must Avoid

While driving business outcomes and improving organizational performance through the delivery of an effective internal communications strategy there are instances when the employee communicator is asked seemingly innocuous questions and requests. Unless tackled head-on and tactfully, these requests can derail the team from doing what is right for the business. For starters, here are a […]