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Can Internal Communicators be valued as Billable Resources?

In the corporate world, the spotlight often shines on billable resources—the drivingIn the corporate world, the spotlight often shines on billable resources—the driving force behind revenue generation and client satisfaction. But what about #internalcommunicators? How can they strategically align themselves with the mindset of billable resources to enhance value within the organization?

Let’s break it down further.

Billable work, which directly impacts clients, is highly valued. It’s the engine that keeps organizations moving forward, driving profits and ensuring client satisfaction. However, non-billable tasks, such as training, meetings, events, and conferences, are frequently overlooked. Yet, investing time in these activities, which are part and parcel of internal communications is crucial for professionals to sharpen their skills and knowledge, ultimately benefiting client outcomes in the long run.

Surprisingly, only about 35% of professional services companies measure employee utilization rates, which gauge the extent to which employees contribute to productivity and profits. This lack of measurement means that the true value of non-billable functions, like training and development, may be underestimated. As a result, internal communicators often find themselves relegated to a support role rather than being recognized as integral to the core business.

To bridge this gap and elevate the role of internal communicators, several key strategies can be employed:

·       Strategic Alignment: Internal communicators must align their initiatives, including training programs and event management, with organizational goals and client expectations. By demonstrating how these efforts contribute to employee development, organizational cohesion, and ultimately, client satisfaction, they can position themselves as strategic partners rather than mere support functions.

·       Value Proposition: Articulating the value proposition of non-billable tasks is essential. By highlighting how investing in training and development enhances employee skills, drives strategic initiatives, and fosters a cohesive organizational culture, internal communicators can showcase their importance in achieving business objectives.

·       Proactive Engagement: Internal communicators should take a proactive approach to engagement in non-billable tasks by anticipating the needs of stakeholders and actively seeking opportunities to add value. Whether it’s organizing impactful events or facilitating training sessions, they can demonstrate their ability to positively impact the organization beyond traditional communication roles.

·       Resource Management: Effective management of resources for non-billable tasks, including budgetary constraints and resource allocation for training and events, is key. By optimizing resource utilization and demonstrating fiscal responsibility, internal communicators can enhance their credibility and showcase their ability to deliver results efficiently in all aspects of their role.

·       Continuous Improvement: Embracing a culture of continuous improvement extends to non-billable tasks as well. Internal communicators should invest in improving the quality of training programs, enhancing the effectiveness of meetings, and maximizing the impact of events and conferences. By constantly seeking ways to enhance these activities, they can ensure that their contributions are recognized and valued by stakeholders across the organization.

Internal communicators play a vital role in driving business success. Smart internal communicators are aligning to ‘shared services’ or ‘agency’ models within the business to be viewed as billable resources.

By strategically aligning their efforts, articulating their value proposition, proactively engaging stakeholders, managing resources effectively, and embracing continuous improvement, internal communicators can elevate their role within the organization and ensure their contributions are recognized and valued.

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