Blogging Policy

I began blogging in 2006 with Intraskope as an opportunity to share insights, practices and learning with fellow internal communicators. As the first and only such blog on the topic from India, it opened up a world of opportunities to engage with communicators around the world. The topic although nascent in the country slowly gained reasonable attention and over time the blog grew in followers. The goal was and continues to be, about helping practitioners, academics, and students get better at this craft and grow as professionals.

After over 10 years and close to 500 posts on topics such as career management, personal branding, and corporate social responsibility – all with a slant to how critical employees are to the workplace and what internal communication can do to unify the workforce. The blog has progressed over the years into a forum for the exchange of ideas, research and conversations. It has been featured on well-known platforms such as Melcrum (now CEB), Simply Communicate, IC Kollectif and the International Association of Business Communicators. I do consider myself a ‘giver’ – someone who wants to make a difference to people and the world around me and that intent keeps me going.

This blog also helped me sharpen my thinking and it resulted in my first book – Internal Communications – Insights, Practices and Models (Sage Publications, 2012). My blog has been mostly lessons and research-led insights for my readers helping me share my experience through workshops such as the Internal Communications Series (see IC 401). I am open to guest blog posts from other bloggers, authors, and researchers as long as the content is relevant and suitable for this blog. Do connect with me if you are keen to author a guest post. Likewise, I will be willing to review books related to business communication, corporate social responsibility and branding while hosting advertisements and affiliate marketing to supplement my income via this blog. As an enthusiastic researcher, I have done preliminary and exploratory studies on internal communications (look up my research reports on the State of Internal Communications in the region and in Global In-House Centres. I am keen to continue contributing to the body of knowledge in this space. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog since 2006.