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5 Ways To Build a Robust Content Marketing Plan

There is always a lot happening in every organization that the need to communicate great stories in ways that matter for your employees and other stakeholders has never been stronger. Missing out on crucial pieces of information can reduce your brand’s value and impact. However, coming to grips with the various content pieces that enhances […]

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4 Ways To Find Common Ground For CSR Collaboration

It began as an exploratory discussion on common challenges that CSR practitioners, NGOs and community champions can solve. At the end of the Bengaluru CSR Roundtable at Brillio on May 3 participants discovered more than they bargained for – answers to niggling problems in CSR implementation, opportunities to improve value for beneficiaries, approaches to better engage […]

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Are We What We Recognize?

Every organization big or small finds ways to reward and recognize their employees to motivate and inspire others to contribute to business success. Addressing rewards and recognition is seen as a key lever for enhancing employee engagement. An effective recognition program is expected to raise the bar with engagement – up to 40%.  Unfortunately, not every recognition program works […]

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Are We Selling The Sizzle Of Volunteering Enough?

Volunteering today is considered an important employee engagement and retention strategy although there continues to be skepticism in organizations about productivity and performance. Apart from the positive sentiments that employees have of a socially conscious employer volunteering is known to build leadership skills and enhance confidence adding value to individuals and society overall. However, are we […]