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5 Approaches for Organizations To Be Socially Responsive

It is quite understandable that companies compete with each other for business. Therefore expecting them to ‘collaborate’ sounds misaligned with their objectives and messages they are hearing internally. However, when organizations, governmental agencies, NGOs and implementation partners focus on gaining brownie points for CSR and to build a ‘reputation’ it leads to ‘up-manship’, defeating the […]

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5 Ways To Harness Intrapreneurship In Organizations

How do organizations harness the entrepreneurial spirit and creative attitude of its employees to boost business outcomes? When Gifford Pinchot, the person credited with coining the term ‘intrapreneur’ came visiting at Tesco Bengaluru it gave us confidence that good ideas do stand the test of time. In 1978, Gifford Pinchot and his wife Elizabeth S. […]

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Be Grateful, Positive And Strong Urges Deepa Malik at 2017 IWD Event

What qualifies as an ability? How do you know if you are challenging your limits? Where do you find inspiration? When Deepa Malik introduced herself in a video challenging Tesco Bengaluru colleagues at our 2017 International Women’s Day event asking “what’s stopping you?” it triggered many to self-introspect. As the keynote speaker, Deepa used stories […]