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Join SSON Webinar | How a GBS “Brand” Drives Talent, Engagement & Transformation in Shared Services | May 4, 2023

Pleased to share that I will be participating as a speaker in this upcoming webinar, having contributed to the research on the role of GBS branding in influencing talent, engagement, and transformation.

Sign-up now to this free webinar: https://www.sson-analytics.com/global-business-services/webinars/leveraging-the-gbs-brand-value-for-talent-engagement-transformation

This webinar shares new research on the potential, but as of yet largely untapped, value of a GBS/SSO brand.

Employer branding and employee value propositions are probably not given their due value in GBS organizations, often resulting in mixed results for the brand.

Learn how you can overcome these deficiencies and raise your brand’s potential.

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