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3rd Book by Aniisu K Verghese – Inclusive Internal Communications Launched

  • Creates compelling argument For organizations to revisit and scale staff involvement, advocacy and experience
  • Offers unique INCLUSIVE Framework for practitioners and leaders to make staff engagement real and relevant
  • Packed with contemporary tips, hacks and interviews with leading global professionals

Internal communications and change management expert Aniisu K Verghese Ph.D. has published a new book titled “Inclusive Internal Communications” that delves into the concept of inclusion from the perspective of staff as partners in communications and how it can help organizations achieve their goals. The book offers valuable guidance, tips, and tricks for internal communicators, as well as students, prospective communicators, and academicians who are interested in the evolving function of internal communications.

“Inclusive Internal Communications is more than just a buzzword or a trendy phrase in the corporate world,” says Verghese. “It is a powerful tool that can help organizations build trust, increase productivity, and enhance their internal brand and reputation. By involving and engaging staff, inviting them to share their ideas and feedback, and making communication accessible and intuitive, organizations can create a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation.”

The book focuses on the INCLUSIVE Framework, which emphasizes the importance of involving staff, partnering with employees, and crowdsourcing solutions for communication and business effectiveness. It covers topics such as involving all staff, nurturing partnerships, co-creating solutions, leveraging employee insights, using inclusive language and actions, sharing stories of employee contributions, inviting ideas and feedback, valuing employee talent, and evaluating and evolving with employee input.

Verghese emphasizes the importance of internal communicators letting go of control and providing autonomy and choice to staff to create a culture where staff feel empowered to share their ideas and feedback, and where communication is seen as a two-way dialogue rather than a one-way information flow.

“With the guidance and insights provided in this book, internal communicators can continue to scale their impact and reclaim their position of authority in a world that thrives on chaos,” says Verghese.

Keen to raise the profile of internal communications in your organization? Want to lead and influence with confidence? Interested in gaining commitment from your leaders on internal communications? Seeking ways to take your staff along the journey?

Find answers to these and more in Inclusive Internal Communications by Aniisu K Verghese Ph.D.

The book offers a simple framework to help you address employee communication challenges upfront, engage your staff and your managers to succeed at the workplace. With interviews, checklists, hacks, models and assessments, professionals, students, and academicians can gain perspectives on a range of topics, from executive presence to change management, from manager communication to employee advocacy.

Become a go-to internal communicator with clout. Gain insights from simple internal communication hacks, interviews, and ready-to-use templates that allow you to influence, champion, and control your impact as an internal communicator and leader.

Aniisu K Verghese Ph.D. is an award-winning change and internal communications leader, author, speaker, personal branding expert, researcher, and blogger with over 22 years of experience. The IABC APAC Communicator of the Year (2022) and the Public Relations Council of India’s Hall of Fame winner (2015), Verghese is the author of Internal Communications – Insights, Practices, and Models (2012) and Get Intentional (2021). He is passionate about engaging communicators, academia, and students through workshops, speaking engagements, teaching assignments, and blogging.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain knowledge and insights into effective internal communication practices from an industry expert. Order your copy of Inclusive Internal Communications today and take your internal communications game to the next level.

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