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Employer Branding 101: Is Your Organization Ready?

Employer branding often becomes a priority when attracting and retaining talent gets tough. Till then, organizations get by trying different permutations and combinations of offerings, events, initiatives, and interventions that project temporary fulfillment but fail to deliver the goods.  Worse, if you are a Global Business Services or a Shared Services entity, the hope that the corporate brand and reputation will have a positive rub-off or provide sufficient cover to convince stakeholders locally, can be misleading.

There are numerous reasons why this happens.  Here are some.

– The organization doesn’t have the intent to truly build a compelling talent brand 

– There is a lack of ownership and internal teams work at cross purposes 

– The focus is on acting busy so that leadership feels ‘something’ is happening all the time 

– The systems are broken and processes are biased

– There is interest to define the employee value proposition but no effort to bring it to life 

– Limited willingness to use insights from data, make informed decisions and involve employees in the journey 

– Most importantly, no stakeholder wants to bell the cat by finding out if the organization is truly ready to build an employer brand! 

The questions I posed in the case study – “Why Aren’t we an Employer of Choice?” received some interesting responses from Melissa SerraoTushar Singh and Dipti Agrawal. The themes which emerged were related to leadership communication, timing, and involving staff in the process of building an employer brand. Kudos to all of them for taking the time to share these perspectives! 

Every organization has an employer brand, but it may be languishing because internally there is no heart and will to make it work. Or, invest in external messaging that is consistent, clear and authentic.

I believe, organizations must first check for readiness before plunging in. Here are key factors to consider:

  • Positive Intent: the interest to create an employer of choice  
  • Alignment: communicating the vision and taking staff along the journey 
  • Acceptance: the openness to celebrate failures and encourage innovation 
  • Focus: staying on track, being consistent and authentic
  • Commitment: investing optimal resources to make an impact 
  • Drive: empowering stakeholders to succeed and benchmarking as well as measuring progress

When these factors come together, the organization can appreciate its readiness to build a compelling employer brand.  

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Here’s wishing all my readers a wonderful holiday season and a blessed New Year!

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