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Why Aren’t we an Employer of Choice?

The CEO of Blip is concerned about the challenges his organization faces and has invited his senior leadership team to a discussion. Read the transcript of their conversation and share what you think are the issues the group is grappling with. Also, how can they resolve the concerns?  

Max (CEO): “Hello team, welcome to this meeting. Glad you could make it. I wanted to get us thinking about our priorities for 2023 and while we do that address one of the biggest challenges we are facing today – recruitment”. 

Mila (Recruitment Head) (looking visibly uncomfortable): “Thanks, Max. My team and I have been working hard all year to recruit the best we can…..but……(her voice trailing). 

Max: “Mila, I wasn’t putting you on a spot. Recruitment is for everyone to address. It isn’t just about your team. What I know is that every leader is struggling with getting the best talent onboard”. 

Nina (HR Head): “We have done all we could to provide the best benefits and offers that match or outsmart what our competitors do. From freebies for staff to engagement activities at work; from discounted food coupons to training opportunities – we have done it all”. 

Max: “That’s excellent. I appreciate the hard work the team is doing. However, I feel we are just ‘doing’ stuff. Do we know if what we are doing is influencing our talent brand? Why isn’t our company an employer of choice? Why do we continue to get poor reviews on MashGif and other platforms? What prevents prospective candidates from choosing us?” 

Tom (Business leader): “If I may jump in – after the pandemic and the shift to remote working, we have limited staff in the office, and engaging them in face-to-face conversations has been hard. Doing everything virtually is hard. Also, managers are exhausted trying to get work done remotely through their teams”.

Pip: (Legal advisor): “I agree with Tom. Even the policies are harder to implement, and we need to align with the government regulations. The expectations of staff have changed, and it is an employee market now”.

Max: “Our KPIs of hiring and onboarding are on track, but our engagement scores are low. That doesn’t add up. Also, we are also losing people by the dozen – good talent is leaving. What do staff want? Do we have answers?” 

Nina: “We need to be more visible and do more branding. Let us get on the awards scene. Let us go for the Mightiest Companies to Work program. Let us sponsor shows and invest in charity initiatives” 

Max: “Isn’t this what others are doing as well? How different are we?” 

Mila: “Yes, yes – we aren’t matching our competitors on external marketing spend. Companies – Doop, Jam, and Rip are present everywhere at events and doing social media like never before.” 

Max: “Are these recommendations viable? How do we know it will work? How much external branding is enough? Or, is external branding a need at this point? 

The leadership team exchanged glances. There is silence.  

Tom: “Can we as a team step back and revisit our approach to employer brand? 

Everyone nods in unison – most glad that the meeting is over for now.  

What is the core issue the team is grappling with? Who is missing from this conversation? What would you advise them to do to enhance their employer brand?  

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