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Speaker at XVI Scientific Conference of Media Ethics | May 18

Pleased to share that I will be speaking at the  XVI Scientific Conference of Media Ethics held on May 18-19, 2022. Organized by The Pontifical University of Pope John Paul II (Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawła II), in Krakow, the theme for the conference is Disinterestedness in the Media – Self-Interested Media and I will be addressing the topic of ‘Moral and Ethical Dilemmas of Personal Branding’. My pitch is that people are today personal brands and how they use media to demonstrate disinterestedness will determine how they are perceived and acknowledged.

Read the complete abstract below:

The Moral and Ethical Dilemmas of Personal Branding

How values-led human branding can be achieved through selflessness, humility, and authenticity

Every individual, irrespective of the profession or trade they serve in, are personal brands in their own rights – and also media channels as well. With the proliferation of technology and growth of media outlets that allows everyone to be a citizen journalist, advocate, ambassador, personal publicist and more, there are ethical and moral dilemmas that humans need to reflect upon. While disinterestedness, the ability to stay impartial and objective sounds contradictory to the approach to personal branding, thinking of the other, staying consistent with values and by being committed to helping the community succeed, one can become a beacon of light in a world where isolation, marginalization and exclusion are gaining ground. The power of self-branding is immense and when humans can fully tap their own potential to grow others, will social cohesion become mainstream.

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