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Lecture at IULM (Italy) Communication International Week | March 23, 2022

We have always looked at employees as an audience to communication ‘to’. However, the world has moved further on and there is a need to consider them as partners more than ever, and therefore to communicate ‘with’.

Employees are the foremost communicators for organizations, are more inclined to do more if we tap their potential, involve them in daily and key decisions, listen intently to their views and communicate with them.

I had the opportunity to speak with communication students on the ‘Next Normal: Employees as Communication Partners’ at the IULM Communication International Week on March 23, 2022. University Institute of Modern Languages (I.U.L.M.). University located at Milan, Italy was founded in 1968 to meet the needs of the labor market aligned with the analysis of current trends.

In my talk, I built a case to tap the energy, talent, skills and passion of staff and to create long lasting trust, influence change and enhance organizational success. Based on research-led insights, I also shared practical tips to include, involve and invite employees to be partners in communications.

Overall, I am impressed by the quality of questions students asked during our interaction. We covered topics such as employee voice, fear among leaders to accept feedback, opportunities to listen intently and expanding boundaries of trust.

Thanks to Alessandra Mazzei – Coordinator BA in Corporate Communication and Public Relations and Director – Centre for Employee Relations & Communication at Università IULM for the opportunity to join the Week and share my perspectives.

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