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Addressing Krakow Business School MBA Alumni | March 3, 2022

Pleased to share that I am speaking with Krakow Business School alumni on the topic ‘The Next Frontier – Employees as Communication Partners’.

Here is a gist of what I will cover:

Over decades the role of employee communication has evolved from informing to engagement; from listening to influencing outcomes. Today, there is increased focus on tapping the potential of employees as advocates and partners as organizations struggle to cope with dwindling levels of engagement as well as the implications of the pandemic, remote work and varied staff expectations. Organizations that invest in inviting, involving and accepting employees as equal partners in communications, especially employee communications, have derived outcomes in clarity, community and connection. Looking at the Next Frontier in communications expects communicators and leaders to revisit the employee-employer contract and take employees through the journey from passive passengers to active ambassadors of change. Such transparency and openness in enhancing relationships can improve deeper connections, help provide richer meaning for staff and for the organization. In this presentation, learn more about practices and creative approaches involving staff to co-create solutions, elevate the brand reputation from within and lead with care.

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