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Read ‘Get Intentional’ Now!

Pleased to share that my second book, Get Intentional is now out!

 This book presents an easy-to-use framework to help students, entrepreneurs, home makers and professionals plan, present and progress in their lives while gaining clarity, being committed and staying consistent. Learn from research-led insights and lessons from 30+ people like you and I on their personal branding journey and professional advancements. This book offers a four stage approach – from Understanding to Acknowledgement, from Momentum to Signposting as you build expertise, add value and reinvent yourself. Packed with real-life stories, practical wisdom, DIY models, templates, models and assessments it aims to equip you to craft, curate and carve a niche for yourself. A part of the proceeds from this book will go for Covid-19 relief work.

How have you stayed Intentional in your life? Share your stories with me at [email protected]. Interested to receive them and publish relevant stories online.




Aniisu K Verghese PhD

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