COVID-19 Communications crisis communication Future of Internal Communications

Introducing Intraskope’s Internal Crisis Communication Interview Series

The pandemic has changed how we engage and implement communications. Learning from best practices can equip us to handle future crises better.

In this series, I talk to practitioners on their strategies and tactics to involve, empower and drive communications. Specifically, I ask them to share how internal communications worked, what were the challenges and opportunities, how is the function perceived now, what skills mattered or will matter in the future and what tips they have for other communicators with future crises in mind.

Keen to join the Series and share your wisdom? Respond to these questions and drop me a note (to [email protected]) along with your name, organization, designation, photo and other corresponding material to supplement your responses.

How did internal communications work during COVID-19?

What perceptions did you have as a practitioner on the value and impact of internal communications?

When was the communications team involved during the pandemic?

What were the key channels used?  Which were the most effective? Why?

What were the biggest challenges and opportunities for communicators? Why?

Which skills were the most valued during this time?

What advice do communicators have for their peers?

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