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Comms Minute | Four Steps to Making Internal Comms a Global Profession

Sharing the next episode of my conversation with Mike Klein on Smarp’s Comms Minute.

In this edition, I address the importance of making the internal communications function inclusive, accessible and standardized. Here is the transcript of my response:

Invest in standardizing capabilities and skills across the globe. While there are attempts by bodies such as IABC and GCCC to certify and grow stronger communicators, there is more which can be done. For example, there needs to be ways to assess talent in internal communications, strength core skills like writing, facilitation and program management.

Provide opportunities for global learning: With the advent of technology and information more accessible than ever, language and cultural nuances perspectives aren’t barriers for communicators to traverse geographical boundaries.

Everyone can contribute: I believe if ‘each-one, teaches-one’ – be it through formal or informal programs, the internal communications profession will get stronger.

Lastly, we need to make resources accessible and affordable for more communicators. Membership fees are often steep and not every organization can afford to fund communicators. Lots of communicators in emerging and developing nations are missing out on research and literature that can help them get up-to-speed in this fast-growing domain.

Here is the Linkedin post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6793453445216010240/

Listen on and share your thoughts.

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