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Benefit from the Intraskope Advantage

For over 20+ years I have been contributing to the evolving domain of internal communications (primarily) and allied areas – personal branding and corporate social responsibility.

My mission is to enable individuals and organizations discover and develop their ‘sweet-spot’ through effective communications. The Intraskope Model aligns to this mission by stating how we can make a significant impact on the world if we take a balanced approach through internal communications, personal branding and corporate social responsibility.

When we focus on becoming our best selves (through personal branding) and effectively align employees to the organization’s purpose (through internal communications) we create balanced individuals and employees.

Likewise, when we blend effective internal communications and corporate social responsibility we create a balanced organization. When employees or individuals’ personal brands are aligned with the organization’s societal goals, we create a balanced society impact.

Banner courtesy: Aadvay Koshy (my son, 10 years)

Through my blog (established in 2006) where I post articles, research insights, interviews, case studies and more, I am hopeful of raising the profile of these three areas of influence – for individuals and organizations. Irrespective of your level in the organization or if you are an entrepreneur, there is always something you can gain from the Intraskope Advantage.

Proven expertise, insights from an award winning communicator and leader, practical perspectives, a network built on relationships and trust and measurable results. Be it coaching to be an improved personal brand, auditing and enhancing your internal communications initiatives or crafting a suitable corporate social responsibility program, there is a lot you can benefit from what’s on this blog, my website (, my online courses ( and more.

Look up this presentation for a better understanding of my work and what you can connect with me on.

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