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Take my personal branding course – now on Udemy!

Looking to create and curate your personal brand? Interested to know yourself better and extend your impact on the world? Then look up the Personal Branding 101 – Unlock Your Potential and Get Ahead course that I created on Udemy!

The personal branding online course is for anyone from any walk of life – students, professionals, managers, leaders entrepreneurs, not-for-profit community members, academicians, homemakers or government officials. You don’t need to have a full-time job or a business to be able to build your personal brand. Irrespective of your age or role or status or connections, you can be your authentic self.

The course is based on a simple framework called the 3C Model of Personal Branding. It consists of research-led insights, practical steps, templates and resources for people to become their best selves at work, in the community or anyplace where they want to make a difference. . The model consists of Clarity, Commitment and Consistency as the 3Cs which are bolstered when you focus on Building Expertise, Adding Value and Reinventing Yourself. The sweet-spot is developed when Communications is foundational to the effort and you take continual feedback. There is a free assessment anyone can take to know how they fare with their personal brand.

Do take it and let me know your thoughts!

Keen to get ahead with your personal brand? Here are some resources:

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